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Start Gear & Galleries 2D People / Menschen Flammenspuk - Fire Artistry Show "Spieluhr"

Flammenspuk - Fire Artistry Show "Spieluhr"

September 2013 - During a wedding I had the chance for another insight into the world of fire artistry performed by two exceptionally charming and creative girls. Enjoy some snippets from the Show "Spieluhr" by Caro and Kathleen from "Duo Flammenspuk"

Please select fullscreen in the player's button bar for best viewing experience. If you can not see the embedded video, please go to Feuer-Show "Spieluhr" - Duo Flammenspuk FullHD (1080p) from Hacky on Vimeo.

The video was recorded using SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 35mm T0.95 and Sony 10-18mm F4 OSS.

For more information about "Flammenspuk", please visit http://www.flammenspuk.de