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Start Gear & Galleries 2D People / Menschen Feuerfeen - Fire Artistry @ Circus Abrax Kadabrax

Feuerfeen - Fire Artistry @ Circus Abrax Kadabrax

Fire artistry performed by Feuerfeen at circus Abrax Kadabrax. Enjoy!

Please select fullscreen in the player's button bar for best viewing experience.

The video was recorded using Sony A7S with Zeiss FE 16-35/4 and FE 1.8/55, Atomos Shogun and a multi copter. See the making of / behind the scenes video at https://vimeo.com/120527308#t=1m55s

The footage was recorded using S-Log2 picture profile with S-gamut with ISO between 3200 and 51.200. Afterwards it was graded using FilmConvert Plugin (which meanwhile supports several profiles of the Sony A7S) and denoised using NEAT video.

Here you can see a comparison between the ungraded footage and the final grading / denoising:

Ungraded S-Log2 footage (camera setting was chosen to protect the highlights of the fire)

Graded and denoised snapshot from clip

Some more "behind the scene" photos:

For more information about "Feuerfeen", please visit www.feuerfeen.de