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The new Camslinger Streetomatic - made for Mirrorless Heroes

If you already followed this site for some time, you may have noticed that its articles usually concentrate on gear like cameras, lenses, recorders etc. and do not care much about accessories. But while searching for a flexible and comfortable solution when travelling and walking around for hours with my mirrorless camera plus some lenses and filters, the Cosyspeed Camslinger bags attracted my particular attention. In 2014, Cosyspeed started with the Camslinger 160 and 105 bags designed to be carried on the hip like a holster. It provides very quick one-hand access to the camera like a sling strap but with much better protection against bumps, rain, dust and views. One of its unique features is the adjustable size in order to customize it to different camera types.

As you can line up additional bags like the "Lensbag 80" or the "Stuffbag 30" on the belt and even add a second bag on the other side, it allows you to carry lots of addional lenses, flashlights, batteries etc. for larger projects like a wedding without putting strain on your back and shoulders. The Camslinger 105, 160 as well as the new "Streetomatic" have a lower carrying position putting the weight on your thigh and not on your waistline. You can wear your jumper or close your anorak / cagoule as normal. The adjustable belt has a security closure and still allows you to remove it quickly e.g. when passing through a security check at the airport.

Next Generation

Meanwhile Cosyspeed designed a new Camslinger model, the "Streetomatic". Started as a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on Indeogogo, it reached the targeted funding at the end of October 2015 and will start shipping in January 2016. At the time of this writing you can still support the project and benefit from the initial pricing. The Streetomatic follows the same Camslinger idea but comes with additional bags on the side e.g. for a smartphone and some other accessories like filters, batteries, SD cards. This increases its size a little bit compared to the "160" but reduces the need for separate bags. Like the 160 and 105 it comes with a robust PE plate between inner and outer fabric. It also comes with several velcro compartment seperators as well as a rain cover and an additional "fingercamstrap" that you can see on one of the pictures.

There are many options to fill the bag. My example on top shows how you can fit the Sony A7RII full frame mirrorless camera with attached Zeiss FE 16-35mm zoom lens and an additional Zeiss FE 1.8/55 lens easily into the bag. The metal buckle as well as the overall appearance look a bit more stylish compared to the 160 for my personal taste. There is also a special Thomas Leuthard editon that you can see on the photos above. It costs 10 EUR more than the standard editions but the whole extra amount goes into a Street Kids Project in Burundi.

The unique concept, its flexibility and comfort as well as the high quality made this camera bag my favourite choice when travelling, hiking and walking through the streets.


As ususal - information subject to change.