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Miss (from) Moskau (3D)

If you are looking for a justification to buy two Lumix GH2 cameras, this may help:

Sorry, no Java support available, please install here.

(Please use fullscreen button in the slideshow player and red/cyan filterglasses to see 3D effect)

If you have difficulties displaying the slide show with the Java applet above, you may use this slide show instead:

Pictures were taken using this stereo camera rig:

3D camera rig

If you use 3D equipment capable of displaying "genuine" 3D stereo images in MPO format you may try these links:

MPO Bild 1
MPO Bild 2
MPO Bild 3
MPO Bild 4
MPO Bild 5
MPO Bild 6
MPO Bild 7

These files can be dsiplayed on the Fuji Real 3D W3 as well if transferred to a SD memory card. More pictures (2D) of "Miss Moskau" can be seen here.

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