News from the 3rd Dimension

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Finest Dance 3D

Finest Ballet and Latin Dance (Cuban Salsa and Reggaeton) in 3D performed by Regina (stills for "warming up" the 3D perception), Zaimy and Michel.

Latin Dance performed by "L@s Chéveres" (www.el-chevere.de). Click here to see a 2D version of that video.

The video and stills were recorded using a rig with two radio controlled Lumix GH2:


To enjoy this 3D video without the need of 3D glasses, you can open it on the new generation of 3D smartphones like the LG Optimus 3D and the HTC Evo 3D. We are sure that further autostereoscopic devices will follow.

In order to gain highest playback quality you can download the 3D BluRay ISO image here, if you have a BluRay disk writer / player and a 3D TV.